Hiroshi Hyuuga

A child of Kairo and Shouheki Hyuuga, he is a playboy Hyuuga who excels at both Hyuuga Ryu and genjutsu.


Hiroshi Hyuuga ( 浩 日向) [Generous]

Fast Hero 3/White Knight 3/Genjutsu Sniper 5/Weaponmaster 1/Byakugan 2 (ECL 14); CR 12; Medium Humanoid (Human); HD 3d8+9 plus 3d8+9 plus 5d6+15 plus 1d10+3; hp 96; Mas 50; Init +8; Spd 30 ft; Defense 26 (+4 dex, +10 class, +2 armor), Touch 24, Flat-Footed 26, Byakugan 30; BAB +8/3; Grap +10; Atk +17 melee (by Jyuuken) or +12 ranged (by weapon); Full Atk +17/12 melee (by Jyuuken) or +12/7 ranged (by weapon); FS 5 ft by 5 ft; Reach 5 ft; AL Hyuuga Clan, Family, Genkai; SV Fort +7, Ref +10, Will +11; AP 11; CP 87; Rep +9; Wealth +36; Str 14, Dex 18, Con 16, Int 12, Wis 20, Cha 18, App 16.

Occupation: Hyuuga Clan (Bonus Class Skills: Genjutsu, Diplomacy, Bluff; Bonus Feat: Advanced Bloodline (Byakugan) )

Element: Earth (+1 Learn and Perform)

Skills: Bluff +14 (7), Chakra Control +13 (8), Genjutsu +21 (15), Hide +10 (6), Intimidate +7 (2), Knowledge (Ninja Lore) +10 (8), Knowledge (Behavioral Science) +3 (1), Knowledge (Tactics) +8 (6), Move Silently +10 (6), Ninjutsu +12 (10), Perform (String Instrument) +13 (7), Sense Motive +10 (5), Spot +19 (10), Survival +9 (4), Taijutsu +22 (15), Tumble +6 (2).

Feats: Genius-nin, Will over Flesh, Taijutsu Adept, Nin Weapon Proficiency, Grand Master, Genjutsu Adept, Genin (Sense Chakra), Byakugan Sight, All-Seeing Eye, Agile Riposte, Technique Focus (Hyakunijuuhachi Shou [128 palms])

Talent (Fast Hero): Uncanny Dodge 1, Bonus Feat (Combat Martial Arts), Evasion

Talent (White Knight): Gentle Knight, Prideful Knight, Ruthless Knight

Talent (Genjutsu Sniper): Genjutsu Sniping Lvl.3, Extended Range (+70 ft), Bonus Chakra (9), Bonus Feat (Dodge, Technique Focus (Rokujuuyon Shou [64 palms])), Sneak Attack (+1d6), Lock-On, Distraction.

Talent (Weaponmaster): Weapon Focus (Jyuuken)

Abilities (Byakugan): Byakugan +4 (AC, Init, High Speed Sight), Keen Sight +4 (Search, Sense Motive, Spot), Combat Insight +3 (Ref/Atk), Telescopic Eye (2ft stone, 2in metal, 6ft wood/plaster/dirt), Tenketsu Sealing (DC 22; 4+2/day), Enlightened Byakugan.

Techniques Known: Chakra Control +13 (Genjutsu Kai, Tree Climbing (Auto-Success), Water walking (Auto-Success)); Genjutsu +21 (Body Binding Stare, Compelling Laughter, End Game Relief, Insanity Glare, Magen – Endless Journey, Magen – Living Hell, Overwhelming Emotions, Mental Affliction, Method of Diversion, Sleep Technique, Tree-Binding Death, Vertigo Technique); Ninjutsu +12 (Bunshin, Kawarimi); Taijutsu +22 (Hyakunijuuhachi Shou (Technique Focus, +24), Jyuuken – 1st Stance (Master Proficiency; +27), Jyuuken – 2nd Stance, Kaiten, Rokujuuyon Shou (Technique Focus, +24), Tenkuushou)

Equipment: +1 Roaring Ninja Vest, Torc of Heroic Sacrifice, Goggles of the Golden Sun, Ring of Freedom of Movement.


- Playful personality, takes most things mellow except when lives are at stake. Isn't always confident in his abilities, but tries hard to not let that show by jokingly boasting. Very protective over things that are "his" (family, love interests, etc.) when they are endangered, but he's always protective of his youngest sister, Chou.

- Born in Konoha, into the ancient, prestigeous Hyuuga Clan. Born into the Main family, grandson of the clan leader. Attended the Ninja Academy in Konoha. Grew up on the Hyuuga Compound, being trained by his father as a possible heir to the clan until his strengths in genjutsu were discovered. Been living in the shadow of his older sister, Hisaki.

- Has dark blue, spikey hair with straight cut bangs. Typical white Hyuuga eyes usually hidden behind sunglasses or shaded goggles. Nose, eyebrow, and lip piercing. Tall, thin and pale, like most of his clan.

Hiroshi Hyuuga

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